February Sparks – Pancake Day 2015

Who doesn’t like pancakes? They are the most enjoyed and famous form of cakes in every culture and nationality around the world. There are many creative ways to make them and are normally associated with Christian’s Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day 2015 or Shrove Tuesday is going to be held on Tuesday 17th Feb before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. It’s a huge traditional celebration especially in England.

Pancake Day races are very famous and are held all over the country on this very special day. And of course the person who runs fast and flips the pancake without dropping it is the winner. People partake in this activity by wearing colourful clothes and supporting the racing teams by cheering and clapping. The costumes makes the festival more colourful hence beating away the cloudy February weather especially in London.

People go to London’s Pancake restaurants and creeps to enjoy themselves with the wonderful best pancake feasts. Pancake Day is a traditional festival which is all about fun, family and children.

Are you participating this year? Let us know your plans for the festival in the comments below.

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